Introduction to Custom GPTs

OpenAI’s newest feature

OpenAI’s newest feature, custom GPTs, allows users to create customized AI assistants. GPTs can be trained on specific data and tailored for particular use cases beyond general conversation. They represent customizable mini chatbot versions of chatGPT focused on niche topics.

A helpful video tutorial on “How to Create Custom GPTs” can be found here or continue on below to walk through the step-by-step proces to setup and integrate with Ionic API.

Accessing GPTs

GPTs are currently rolling out, so availability depends on account type. They are found under the ‘Explore’ tab containing user-created GPTs and predefined ones. Paid chatGPT Plus or Enterprise plans are needed initially to access this feature.

Creating your GPT

Users can employ plain language prompts to specify the expert focus, knowledge sources, tone, and restrictions for their custom GPT. A live preview shows how the GPT’s responses evolve during the customization process. GPTs can be enabled with “actions” that allow GPTs to retrieve information and conduct tasks across various web services through integrations. Ionic is an integration, or action, that allows GPTs to efficiently access merchants and retailers when shopping moments arise.

Monetization coming soon

So-called GPT “stores” launching soon will permit creators to distribute their customized models. While payment terms are not yet fully defined, revenue share arrangements are planned. A profile builder also links a GPT to its creator’s website to help drive traffic and usage.

Ionic’s integration allows developers to earn commissions from the sale of products found via the shopping moments in their custom GPTs. See Advanced: Attribution via Ionic API Key for more information on direct monetization.

Creating a Custom GPT

Begin with “Create a GPT”

From click “Explore” and then click “Create a GPT”.

Step 1 screenshot

Use the “Create” pane to set up the GPT

Users can employ plain language prompts to specify the expert focus, knowledge sources, tone, and restrictions for their custom GPT. A live preview shows how the GPT’s responses evolve during the customization process.

Step 2 screenshot

Set the GPT name & photo

The GPT will create a name and photo. You have the option to give suggestions and modify these.

Step 4 screenshot

Customization via the “Configure” tab

The configure tab contains the advanced functionality to adjust the custom GPT

Step 5 screenshot

Exploring “Instructions”

The Instructions text box will be generated by the chat sequence deployed in the thus far in the “Create” tab but these instructions can be modified or created from scratch in this window.

Step 6 screenshot

Advanced capabilities

This GPT will not need Dall-e or Code Interpreter so we have unchecked them for realiability purposes. Feel free to experiment with leaving them on in different combinations.

Step 7 screenshot

Integrating Ionic API

Ionic is the connective tissue between AI interfaces and the e-commerce landscape. Our infrastructure allows AI developers to effortlessly integrate with a network of online retailers, enabling transactions that are smarter, attuned to the nuances of consumer behavior, and fully traceable.

Click on Import from URL and paste in the Ionic API

Simply paste the URL below into the box and OpenAI will automatically pull in the required schema

Alternatively, you can paste the schema below into the schema window

{"openapi":"3.1.0","info":{"title":"Ionic Shopping API","description":"Product Search & Recommendation API","contact":{"email":""},"version":"0.1"},"servers":[{"url":""}],"paths":{"/query":{"post":{"summary":"Multi-Query Product Search.","description":"API for searching for products & recommendations. Accepts multiple query objects.","operationId":"query","requestBody":{"content":{"application/json":{"schema":{"$ref":"#/components/schemas/QueryAPIRequest"}}},"required":true},"responses":{"200":{"description":"Successful Response","content":{"application/json":{"schema":{"$ref":"#/components/schemas/QueryAPIResponse"}}}},"422":{"description":"Validation Error","content":{"application/json":{"schema":{"$ref":"#/components/schemas/HTTPValidationError"}}}}}}}},"components":{"schemas":{"HTTPValidationError":{"properties":{"detail":{"items":{"$ref":"#/components/schemas/ValidationError"},"type":"array","title":"Detail"}},"type":"object","title":"HTTPValidationError"},"Link":{"properties":{"url":{"type":"string","title":"Url"},"text":{"type":"string","title":"Text"},"type":{"type":"string","title":"Type"}},"type":"object","required":["url","text","type"],"title":"Link"},"Product":{"properties":{"merchant_product_id":{"type":"string","title":"Merchant Product Id"},"name":{"type":"string","title":"Name"},"brand_name":{"type":"string","title":"Brand Name"},"links":{"items":{"$ref":"#/components/schemas/Link"},"type":"array","title":"Links"},"thumbnail":{"type":"string","title":"Thumbnail"},"status":{"type":"string","title":"Status"},"price":{"type":"string","title":"Price"}},"type":"object","required":["merchant_product_id","name","links","thumbnail","status","price"],"title":"Product"},"Query":{"properties":{"query":{"type":"string","title":"Query"},"num_results":{"type":"integer","title":"Num Results"}},"type":"object","required":["query"],"title":"Query"},"QueryAPIRequest":{"properties":{"queries":{"items":{"$ref":"#/components/schemas/Query"},"type":"array","title":"Queries"}},"type":"object","title":"QueryAPIRequest"},"QueryAPIResponse":{"properties":{"token":{"type":"string","title":"Token"},"results":{"items":{"$ref":"#/components/schemas/QueryResult"},"type":"array","title":"Results"},"human_message":{"type":"string","title":"Human Message"}},"type":"object","required":["token"],"title":"QueryAPIResponse"},"QueryResult":{"properties":{"query":{"$ref":"#/components/schemas/Query"},"products":{"items":{"$ref":"#/components/schemas/Product"},"type":"array","title":"Products"}},"type":"object","required":["query","products"],"title":"QueryResult"},"ValidationError":{"properties":{"loc":{"items":{"anyOf":[{"type":"string"},{"type":"integer"}]},"type":"array","title":"Location"},"msg":{"type":"string","title":"Message"},"type":{"type":"string","title":"Error Type"}},"type":"object","required":["loc","msg","type"],"title":"ValidationError"}}}}

Step 10 screenshot

Save and Deploy GPT

Choose how to publish option from the “Save” menu

You can publish to “Only Me” for private use. If you’d like others to have access to use the GPT, you will need to also include the privacy policy link below in the privacy policy text input located at the bottom of the Configuration tab

Step 11 screenshot

Using the GPT

If shared to either Public, the GPT will be discoverable to the GPT marketplace. If shared to those with the link, simply copying the GPT URL will allow you to share with friends and family.

Use of the GPT should work something like the steps below:

Test by giving gift instructions.

For this GPT, we want to give some indication of the subject of the gift as well as the recipient. Such as “a bus for my three year old nephew.”

Step 13 screenshot

Click on Allow to give Ionic API access

Each use of the GPT will require the user to allow Ionic to recieve the query.

Step 14 screenshot

The GPT will respond to your instructions. In this case, finding an appropriate gift via the Ionic API

Step 15 screenshot

Advanced: Attribution via Ionic API Key

Use HTTP Header Authorization with GPT Assistants

Follow our Guide to using Ionic API Keys