This guide assumes you already have a GPT. See the OpenAI Docs if you need to build one first.


Create new action

To get started, click the “Create new action” button within the edit area of your GPT to connect to the Ionic Shopping Action


Add Ionic's API Spec

Import from URL

To get started quickly, import the Ionic API Spec using the following URL:

You will see ionic populate within the available actions:


Ionic Privacy Policy

Add the following URL to the privacy policy field:

Update GPT Instructions

In order to best utilize the Ionic Action, you must further instruct your bot to utilize this action during shoppable moments. Back on the main GPT edit page, add the following snippet to your GPT’s isntructions

When the user is shopping or mentions a product or category they're looking for, use Ionic to search, discover, compare, and purchase products online.
For advanced instructions refer to the GPT instructions writing guide

[Optional] Attribution & Monetization

The best part of Ionic for developers is that you can quickly start earning money while providing a great product experience to your users. You can get started without doing this, but you’ll want to fully integrate early on to reap the rewards

In order to properly attribute transactions generated via your GPT, please follow these steps:

Obtain an API Key

Request an API Key: Email to request your unique API Key. API Key Delivery: Upon verification, the API Key will be sent to your registered email address.

Update your action.

Authentication Type: API Key
Auth Type: Custom
Custom Header Name: x-api-key

For payout information, please follow up with after successful authentication.

And there you have it! Your users will be shopping in no time and you’ll start earning money.

For more information on actions, please reference the OpenAI Actions Documentation.