Ionic Haystack

Ionic Haystack Tool

Ionic Haystack provides a wrapper around the Ionic Commerce’s SDK for use as a Tool in a Haystack v1 agent. This tool will enable e-commerce for your agent, allowing your users to ask for product recommendations and purchase products through the agent chat interface.

Jupyter Notebook

Basic example integrating Ionic using Haystack


pip install farm-haystack[colab]
pip install ionic-haystack


from haystack.agents import Tool
from haystack.agents.conversational import ConversationalAgent
from haystack.agents.memory import ConversationMemory
from haystack.nodes import PromptNode

from ionic_haystack.prompt_templates import ionic_template
from ionic_haystack.tool import IonicShoppingTool

ionic_node = IonicShoppingTool()
ionic_tool = Tool(

memory = ConversationMemory()
prompt_node = PromptNode("gpt-3.5-turbo", api_key=openai_api_key, max_length=256, stop_words=["Observation:"])
agent = ConversationalAgent(prompt_node, tools=[ionic_tool],  memory=memory, prompt_template="deepset/conversational-agent")

Ionic API Key

Instantiate the IonicShoppingTool passing the api_key as a parameter.

IonicShoppingTool(api_key="<Your Ionic API Key>")